European History web-based slideshows

Ancient Greek architecture

Ancient Greek sculpture (Archaic period and Elgin Marbles)

Ancient Greek sculpture

Ancient Greek pottery and miscellaneous

Roman Empire the Etruscans

Roman Empire architecture (aqueducts, baths, homes, roads, bridges)

Roman Empire architecture (public buildings, religious edifices, and venues of entertainment)

Roman Empire architecture (triumphal arches)

Roman Empire painting and mosaics

Roman Empire sculpture

Middle Ages (Greece Runestones, Byzantine art, metalwork, jewelry, and pre-Romanesque)

Middle Ages architecture (Norman castles and churches)

Middle Ages architecture (Romanesque Spain, Romanesque and Gothic Italy)

Middle Ages architecture (Gothic)

Middle Ages manuscripts

Renaissance architecture (Italian)

Renaissance architecture (Northern)

Renaissance art (Italian I)

Renaissance art (Italian II)

Renaissance art (Italian III)

Renaissance art (Leonardo da Vinci)

Renaissance art (Michelangelo)

Renaissance art (Northern I)

Renaissance art (Northern II)

Renaissance art (Albrecht Durer)

Renaissance manuscripts

Greece images

Roman Empire images I

Roman Empire images II

Middle Ages images I

Middle Ages images II

Renaissance and Reformation I images

Renaissance and Reformation II images

16th Century images

Scientific Revolution images

17th Century England images

17th Century France images

17th Century Netherlands images

18th Century images

The Enlightenment images

Romanticism images

Revolutions and Nationalism images

Late 19th Century to 1919 images

Post-War to the Cold War images

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